This interactive talk

 room is sponsored by

TimeScape and John Esak


If you have not already downloaded the tiny, secure plugin for using the room, the link below will first allow you to do that.

If you already have the plugin, you will be brought directly to the login box.


Basic Info

Regular computer speakers will allow you to hear everyone in the room.
If  you have a microphone attached to your system, you can contribute vocally as well.
(Users in the room will help you get your microphone working if there are any problems with that.)

Press (and hold) either Ctl key to talk. Release to listen

You can just listen and join in the conversations by typing in the middle box to the left side of the room.


This is a professional forum so it is appreciated when you use your real name or a combination of first/last/initials when you log in. Thanks.

Pick your user name each time you enter the room. No password is required, leave it BLANK.

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